Best Vegan Pre-Workouts

Being vegan is catching up and more health-conscious people are adopting vegan food. There are many pre-workout supplements in the market which are meant for vegans. It becomes difficult to decide the best vegan pre-workouts due to number of alternatives in the market. Some of the best vegan pre-workout supplements are as follows:

Organic Muscle

The Organic Muscle pre-workout supplement is designed for outdoor activities. It provides long hours of sustained energy release, superior performance, and excellent hydration. It is made from all vegan and non-GMO ingredients and is filled with nutrition and antioxidants. The packaging is lightweight which is ideal for carrying along.

Ora Organic Pre-Workout

The Ora Organic pre-workout supplement is made from all organic and natural ingredients. It contains fruits and vegetables which provide better strength, endurance, and blood circulation. It also contains energy enhancing herbs like ginseng, maca, and ashwagandha which provide excellent nutrition and boosts mood and activity levels. It is free from caffeine and any other harmful ingredients and provides a good vegan alternative.

Vega Sport Pre-Workout

The Vega Sport pre-workout is one of the best pre-workouts available in the market. It does not contain any artificial flavors and is perfect for gym classes, power yoga, running, cycling etc. It contains mild caffeine levels at 100 mg. The energy sets in a bit late from this pre-workout supplement but the energy level stays higher for longer duration too. It does not cause energy crash which is common with other pre-workout supplements. Ideally, this supplement should be taken about 35 minutes before workouts.

Cobra Lab’s The Curse

The Curse by Cobra Labs is a good pre-workout supplement for vegans. It is made of ingredients including beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, L-citrulline, L-arginine, caffeine etc. It is a cost-effective pre-workout supplement. The supplement blends quickly and provides an instant rush of energy. It also provides a nice amount of muscle pump which is perfect for people doing weightlifting. It comes in flavors like the lemon rush, tropical storm, and orange mango.

Do Vitamin’s Pure Pump

The Do Vitamin’s Pure Pump pre-workout is clean supplement and is certified vegan and paleo. It is tested by third-party and is the first clean and vegan pre-workout supplement ever made. It makes use of high-quality ingredients and is tested to be free from any banned substances. It energizes the body quickly without giving any sugar rush and thus it prevents any rush-and-burn which other supplements may cause. This is a perfect pre-workout supplement for people interested in long runs also.