Best Kettlebells for Your Home

Kettlebells are perfect training equipment for fitness enthusiasts to use at home for doing their regular strength training. It is perfect for users who do not have the space for setting up a home gym and who do not want to go to gym regularly. There are different types of kettlebells in the market which makes it difficult for the average user to purchase the best ones. Some of the best kettlebells for home are as follows:

CAP Barbell

The CAP Barbell kettlebells are made of cast iron and each kettlebell is machined and powder-coated which results in a smooth and seamless surface. The handle is convenient and smooth to hold and provides good grip. The base is wide and flat which ensures that it is kept upright when not in use. Each kettlebell is color-coded which helps the users to identify the weight. The CAP Barbell kettlebells feel like and compare favorably to most premium brands.

GoFit Premium Vinyl Dipped Kettlebell

The GoFit premium vinyl dipped kettlebell comes with non-slip grip and thick rubberized coating which provides complete control and convenience to the users during workout. The kettlebell is very versatile and suitable for a wide range of workouts. The kettlebell comes with color-coded coating and is perfect for working out in the home or the gym. The users also get a complimentary training DVD on ordering this kettlebell.

Matrix Elite Kettlebell

Matrix Elite kettlebells are known for their design and quality. The kettlebell is perfectly smooth and provides excellent grip to the users. Each kettlebell is made using a fresh mold which minimizes the surface imperfections, unlike other kettlebells which use the same mold for production until the mold wears out. The wider handle also puts less pressure on the fingers and is perfect for one-handed workouts.

Stamina Kettlebell

The Stamina kettlebell is a perfect solution for people who are running short of space. This is a all-in-one single kettlebell with six different weight plates of 16, 24, 28, 32, and 36lbs options. The users can choose their preferred weight and then lock the kettlebell’s pin into place to start using the kettlebell with the desired weight. This unique product also eliminates the need to purchase multiple kettlebells of varying weights and thus offer considerable savings for the users. The kettlebell comes with a base pad on which the kettlebell should be kept when not in use for preventing any damage to the floor.

Onnit Men’s Moderate Kettlebell

The Onnit men’s moderate kettlebell package comes in set of three different weights. This provides flexibility to the users for starting with lower weight and gradually increasing it. Ordering kettlebells of varying weights can be a costly proposition for most users, hence this kettlebell package from Onnit is perfect for them as it is priced very competitively.